Opportunities and
in robotics?


Scientists / Press / PR

Do you see opportunities and challenges for robotics in your research area or field of work? Then Robot Robots Company (RRC) is your dream research partner. RRC combines knowledge and state-of-the-art technology and also has close ties to Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Robovalley, and other universities.

Brainstorm with our specialists

Several PhD graduates of both international and national universities work at our subsidiaries to realize and shape their ideas. From idea to prototype and beyond. Would you like to brainstorm about your ideas with our specialists in robotics? Then please feel free to contact us today.

RRC in the media

Robots are ‘hot’. Do you work in the media or PR and would you like more background information on the products and services of Robot Security Systems (RSS), Robot Care Systems (RCS) and Robot Engineered Systems (RES)? Then please feel free to contact us today.

Also feel free to contact us for any interview request with our executives such as Martin Roos (RRC/RES), Prof.dr.ir. Pieter Jonker (RRC/RES), Dr.ing. Maja Rudinac (RCS) of Edwin Lustig Bsc. (RSS) and others.

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