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Shareholders/Business partners

Robot Robots Company (RRC) is a spin-off of Lobeco Fire + Security and formed by a group of specialized scientists. With more than 45 highly educated employees, RRC has all the knowledge and experience in house to, not only develop forward-thinking quality products and services, but also to literally give them ‘hands and feet’ (autonomous mobility).

As a result of an aging population and other social and demographic changes, we believe that the future of robotics has already begun.

It is therefore logical that many international scientists and business partners are adding their knowledge and expertise to the companies operating under the umbrella of RRC, namely Robot Security Systems (RSS), Robot Care Systems (RCS) and Robot Engineered Systems (RES).

Fields of activity

Are you currently active in the fields of Electronics, Robotics, Systems & Control, Robot Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Software Architecture, and/or Industrial Design? Then RRC would be an excellent collaborative partner for you.

Do you value solid roots in the past, decisiveness in the present, and a clear, profitable vision of the future? Then please feel free to contact us today.

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