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RES: specialist in special products

Within the Robot Robots Company, Robot Engineered Systems (RES) is a specialist in making special products. Companies with an idea or product know that we have the knowledge and expertise to make their innovation autonomous. In other words, we robotize products.

Research and cooperation

RES is a demand-driven company, and no question is too radical for us! The autonomous robots we build understand where they are, know the context, know what the assignment is, and move in the direction the client wants them to. For this, specialized knowledge is necessary, and RES has this in house. We also enter into research partnerships and joint ventures with international universities and knowledge institutes, such as Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

Innovation in practice

Robotics are hot. Robots mean innovation, power and daring. The only question is just how your idea can access this new, progressive world. RES has the knowledge, expertise and network of international contacts to realize new ideas. For example, we have a very good relationship with Nvidia, the supercomputer builders. New projects, new clients; RES would be pleased to open the door to robotics for you.


Robot Engineered Systems (RES) has developed the WEpod, a ‘last mile solution’ for the municipality of Ede/Wageningen in the Netherlands and the university there. Students and employees can quickly and easily travel around the campus, or between the campus and train station, by getting on the looping WEpod. This is an exciting project that by now is being followed up with the Interreg project in Germany.

The applications for the WEpod are endless. Think of the tight surroundings of inner city Delft, where couriers with large vans are denied access. Or Eindhoven Airport, where the routes between car parks and the arrivals and departures areas could be ideal for the WEpod. Or how about installing it in the Hoge Veluwe national park, for people who cannot or do not want to use the white bicycles that are made available there. Do you have a similar idea? Then don’t hesitate to share it with RES. There is a real chance we could literally get your idea moving!