Safety? Healthcare? Your own concepts?
Choose one of the subsidiaries
of Robot Robots Company.


Robot Security Systems

Robot Security Systems (RSS) is a technical security company. We design, develop and implement the SAM and SAM XL security robots.

SAM and SAM XL effortlessly find their way around complex objects that need protecting, such as logistics centres, data centres, public venues and parking garages 24/7.

Robot Care Systems

Robot Care Systems (RCS) is the subsidiary with a warm heart for the elderly and others that experience mobility issues. We develop, produce and implement the special LEA (Lean Empowering Assistant) care robot.

In summary, LEA ensures that people can become mobile again, and live independently for longer.

Robot Engineered Systems

Robot Engineered Systems (RES) develops custom robots on a project basis. We give researchers, developers and visionaries the possibility to research and realize new robotic concepts.

RES uses the latest developments and original, existing products in the area of robotics and robotic components for this.