Robot Robots Company
has everything in house
for custom robotics


State-of-the art robot technology

Robot Robots Company (RRC) is the largest builder of service robots in the Benelux. RRC wants to realize its international ambitions and strategy through its flexible and specialized subsidiaries Robot Security Systems (RSS), Robot Care Systems (RCS), and Robot Engineered Systems (RES).

Vision for the future

Robot Robots Company (RRC) forms the umbrella organisation for three strong subsidiaries. RRC gives support to concrete projects, as well as being at the cutting edge of identifying and anticipating the latest trends. We believe the future has already started and the absence of robotics in our society will be unimaginable in 10 years’ time.

Vision for cooperation

RRC is proud of the knowledge and experience it has in house. We have numerous PhD graduates and specialists in robotics, artificial intelligence and adjoining professional fields working for us in multidisciplinary teams. We also regularly call on our partners’ knowledge regarding research and development questions. In the development of projects, on any scale, our subsidiaries – RSS, RCS and RES – operate autonomously and enter into collaboration and research partnerships all over the world.

Vision of robotics

For RCC and its subsidiaries, robots are not an intrinsic goal. We leave that to Hollywood. RRC’s main strength lies in the realization of new and helpful functionalities in devices that, we admit, look like robots. We develop and implement service robots that help humans to better execute their tasks, or to take over the tasks of humans if they are not able to perform a certain task themselves. Our robotics are geared to supplement the shortage of human effort where possible and desirable.

Mission statement

RRC wants to improve the world for today’s people. We want to help people and businesses that are encountering the boundaries of what has been possible until now, both literally and figuratively.

The best of the best

In order to fulfil our mission, we make use of all our knowledge and expertise and also work closely with Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), RoboValley, and other universities and knowledge institutes. New ideas and partnerships are always welcome.